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Performance e-Scooters

For riders seeking the ultimate hyper-performance e-Scooter experience, Voltage Motowerks is your source for the most in-demand designs on the market.

voltage motowerks

The Next Level in High Performance e-Scooters

We are a company that understands the needs of riders who demand the very latest in performance and quality, driven to seek out and deliver the very finest, cutting-edge e-Scooters from around the world.

Rely on us for the ultimate experience in quality and performance from our unique new GTZ-282 Limited Edition to the popular Nami Burn-E 2 Max.

Voltage Motowerks

Commitment to Quality

Voltage Motowerks is dedicated to delivering the very best and most unique e-Scooter designs in the industry to our loyal customers.

We also partner with select manufacturers to create custom hyper-performance e-Scooters.

e-Scooters made for

Top Performance

Maximum Speed

Delivering some of the fastest top speeds available in the industry.

Fast Charging

For daily commuters and frequent riders who require fast charge times.


For riders who need top performance, the fastest acceleration in class.

Ride Performance

Custom CNC frames for maximum stability and control in all conditions.

Battery Life

Industry leading range and battery life for maximum reliability and endurance.


Built to perform exceptionally over time for the most demanding riders.

From Our Riders


"Dude, this thing is HAMMER. Been looking a long time for an e-Scooter this fast, can hardly wait for our next trip!"
Chad V.
"Thank you for the excellent service and prompt shipping to UAE, we're very pleased with the scooters."
Amad G.
"We purchased the Burn-E Viper to use primarily for work commuting but ended up using it just for fun too, we LOVE this eScooter, thanks so much!"
Celeste M.
"We are super happy with our purchase of the Nami Burn-E Viper, this thing ROCKS. Everyone in the family has been using it and we are actually considering buying a second one just for us, so the kids don't have to share... lol. Thanks for the great service Paul. We'll be back! "
Erik H.

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